Conquer Office Mess And Get Productive! Part 2 - Deep Clean Your Space

The thought of deep cleaning an office space is enough to make most people want to head for the hills, but it's vital to find the time if you want to be more productive, healthier and better organised at work. Despite the amount of time spent in the office, most workspaces tend to be cleaned sporadically and hastily, but thorough office cleaning involves much more than just wiping the crumbs off your desk. After spending a long day in meetings or in front of a computer screen, no sane person wants to devote even more of their precious time to cleaning tasks, and yet by spending a mere 5 minutes each day, the difference it can make to office productivity can be startling. By routinely attending to chores, cleaning can become a natural part of the office day, rather than a mountainous chore that nobody wants to take responsibility for. Get everybody in on the act to make your office a better place to work - we guarantee the time spent will be more than worth it.

First of all, mentally divide the office up into manageable zones. Get everybody involved in maintaining a specific area. Start by focusing on the chores below, and as you go around, make a note of any other jobs that need doing and schedule them in the diary to do another day.

Light Fittings:

Dust on light fittings mostly goes unnoticed, and yet the quality of the light you work in is so important. Initially it may take a little elbow grease to get light fittings clean, but in the long term, you'll avoid headaches and eye strain by putting in the effort.

Your Computer Keyboard:

It's quite possible that the levels of bacteria on your computer keyboard are high enough to start sprouting their own ecosystem. Dirt and dust particles soon accumulate, and the keyboard can easily become blocked. Once a week, spray canned compressed air (you can buy this from computer retail outlets or photographic stores) directly onto your keyboard to remove dust and built up grime. Cotton buds are also useful for getting in between the gaps to remove larger particles. Make sure to pay attention to your mouse, mouse mat and telephone while you're at it. Now is also a good time to tackle any ink stains or coffee rings that may have appeared on the desk over the course of the week.


Windows are regularly cleaned on the outside, but most people don't give a thought to what they're like on the inside. Give them a good clean to let the natural light flood through, (again, your eyes will thank you). Use professional products to wipe down blinds. They often get neglected, and can give the office a dirty appearance when grime builds up.


Move filing cabinets away from the wall and hoover behind them. Do the same for all other desks, chairs and other office furniture. Don't shirk this job by hoovering around things! It will make the whole office feel fresher. If the carpet or flooring is particularly dirty, it may be time to call in the professionals to give it a thorough clean so you can start again from scratch.

If all this just sounds like too much hard work, you'll need to call in the cleaning experts to give you a helping hand. No job is too big for us! From medical office cleaning, to toilet, washroom and kitchen facilities, we have the tools and equipment to give your premises a professional deep clean from top to bottom. Why not call us today to see how we can help you start conquering office mess, and give your business the boost it deserves?

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