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Autonomous Cleaning Solutions understands how important it is to have a safe, clean, tidy and hygienic workplace. We can tailor a cleaning specification to fit your individual requirements, whether you require a daily, weekly or fortnightly clean. We can deliver "on time, every time!"

We are totally committed to provide quality cleaning standards which will assist you to maximise your staff efficiency and productivity. Did you know that an unclean workplace harbours germs and adds to increased staff illnesses and increases sick leave costs?

Confined spaces, air circulation and dust pollutants can all contribute to the spread of germs. The CSIRO estimates that the cost of poor internal air quality in Australia may be as high as $12 Billion per year, due to ill health and lost production. Healthy work environments have been shown to raise employee productivity by approximately 10% through reduced sick leave and improved morale. Here at Autonomous Cleaning Solutions we shall endeavour to help you improve your profits and give your business a competitive edge.

Value Added Services:

Vacuuming with low noise, high powered suction motors using HEPA (High efficiency air filters.)

Dusting utilising oil impregnated cloths to reduce dust.

Colour coded cleaning cloths & mop heads eliminating germ mobility from room to room.

Commercial cleaning

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