Domestic assistance

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Domestic assistance

Domestic Assistance for the aged in their own homes. We will do almost anything - within health and safety perimeters to ensure that our customers are well taken care of.

We not only offer a domestic assistance service to our aged, we also chat with them, support them, and we are an extra set of eyes and ears. This ensures that they are in good health, eating properly and taking care of themselves. If they are unwell for any reason, we report it to the aged care service provider who will then report to family, friends, or relatives.

Very dirty or cluttered homes are our specialty.

Girl cleaning baking oven

We clean all the areas that our aged customers are no longer able to clean, or areas that they struggle to clean such as:

  • Bathroom and Toilet Areas
  • Floors, Vacuuming and Mopping
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Laundry
  • All equipment is electrically tagged
  • All chemicals are identified by the chemical code outlined on the bottle
  • Ironing
  • Packing, Unpacking and Sorting
  • We only use micro fibre cloths and environmentally friendly cleaning products.