Does Your Cleaning Cupboard Need A Revamp?

Most people who actually own a cleaning cupboard will tell you that it's usually the messiest space in the whole house. Dirty rags, old tins of wood polish and half empty bottles of chemical sprays can often be found shoved into one small, unloved space. Surely the cleaning cupboard should be setting an example to all the other cupboards! The worst of it is, that when you have to do the chores, this is always the first challenge you have to face. Nothing could be more demotivating.

We believe if you want a clean, tidy and organised house, then the first place to start has got to be the cleaning closet. This suggestion will inevitably raise a groan, but we guarantee if you spend as little as half an hour organising your equipment into a neat and tidy space, you'll naturally be motivated to get to work on all those other little jobs you've been putting off for weeks! So, our cleaning challenge this month is to give some love to this neglected little area.

First things first, take EVERYTHING out of that cupboard and place it to one side so you can clean the space out. Yes, even cleaning cupboards have to be cleaned! Focus on how great it's going to feel once this simple ten minute task is done! Now, get yourself a large bin liner and take a good hard look at all the products you've taken out. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was the last time I used this product?
  • Is this product out of date / going off?
  • Do I have more than one of these items?
  • How often do I use this?
  • Will my chores be impossible to do without this?
  • Can this product be easily replaced?

Go through each item ruthlessly, and depending on the answer either keep it, or sling it out. Trust us, you'll feel liberated! Now you have your essentials, it's simply a matter of putting them back in an organised way so you have everything you need, where it needs to be.

Group commonly used items together. Products you use infrequently need to be placed towards the back, and items you use every day at the front. Get some tubs to keep things together. Small baskets make great storage and are easy to carry around the house with you when doing the rounds (click here to read our speed cleaning tips). If you want to, label where each item goes. This way everything can be easily found, and more importantly get put back in the right place when tidying away.

Now, the best bit. Step back and enjoy the sight of your beautifully organised cleaning cupboard!

Give it a go. We promise you'll feel great. With a tidy, organised and well stocked cleaning space, we guarantee that next time you do the cleaning, it won't feel like such a chore.


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