A Cheats Guide To Keeping On Top Of The Housework

It's Saturday, and after a hectic week at work the last thing you need is to spend your precious spare time cleaning! Sometimes housework can seem like an endless task. Within hours of clearing up, everything seems to be untidy again. It's such a thankless chore! But have no fear! Our expert cleaners have put their heads together to create a cheats guide to help you keep on top of your housework in between housekeeping visits. You CAN take back control of your cleaning schedule, instead of it controlling you. By following our easy tips, you'll soon notice a difference!

Don't beat yourself up trying to do everything at once. Leave deep cleaning to the professionals, or set aside a certain day for doing that. The first thing to realise is that a lot can be achieved in just 15 minutes. By getting into the habit of cleaning for just a short time each day, you'll soon find that it becomes part of your daily routine rather than a weekend chore.

Find a time each day when there's nobody around to distract you (or make a mess!) and focus on a specific task. As you clean, make a note of the things that need doing so you can decide what to prioritise next time.

Keep it simple. Buy multi-purpose sprays and disinfectant wipes that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Paper towels are also great for drying around places such as the kitchen or bathroom sink. Remember, you don't need a whole load of products to keep your home clean. Get yourself a box or crate to keep all your equipment in, and keep it to hand so you don't have to waste precious minutes going from room to room looking for what you need. Take a tip from the professionals - if you carry your cleaning products with you as you go, you'll find it is much quicker to get things done.

Spend some time organising your storage space. This way you can save time by always knowing where to put things. This is particularly helpful in kids rooms. It's much easier and quicker when everyone knows where things go.

If you haven't got time to clean, tidying is the next best thing. A quick breeze around the house with a vacuum cleaner can give the appearance of tidiness (and really freshen things up). Open windows to let in some fresh air, you'll be amazed how much of a difference this can make to how clean a room feels.

If you're reading this right now, why not get motivated? Make a list of chores you do regularly around the house and get started on your first 15 minute speed clean! Who knows, if you give our tips a go, you may actually get next Saturday off.

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