5 Quick Cleaning Tips for Around the Home

As home cleaning experts here on the Gold Coast, we're always looking to find ways to improve our service for our customers. Here are some simple tips to use around the home.

If you happen to spill red wine onto the carpet, you can splash some soda water onto the affected area and then gently soak it all up with paper towels. Do this immediately though and keep repeating this until there is no wine visible on the paper towel.

To absorb odours from the air, add some vinegar and lemon juice to a small dish and let it do its magic. Plants around the home will also help to reduce smelly odours.

To reduce the odours from your laundry basket, you can line your basket with a couple of paper towel sheets and sprinkle these with some tea tree oil.

When doing chores, make a checklist of things that need to be done. This will help when assigning chores for the kids to do. You will then be able to tackle each job one at a time and it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you have ticked each item off your list.

Always keep some lemons in the kitchen. Lemons are very handy as a natural cleaner and also to reduce bad odours. Lemons are also effective against most bacteria around the home.

Some tips may or may not work all the time or under all circumstances and therefore we cannot be responsible for anything going wrong. However, if you have any speed cleaning tips, or have found ways to keep on top of the chores in between housekeeping visits or deep cleans, we'd love to hear about them! Keep checking our blog for regular tips and features.

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